Key Employees

Andy Vinca

Owner, Roofer

Andy Vinca started roofing in 2001. Since then he has been a part of approximately 3250 roofing jobs, both residential and commercial. As the owner, Andy spends most of his day performing supervisory duties, but he makes an appearance on site on a daily basis to make sure the work is of the highest quality. Andy is a graduate of Edinboro University, and he believes that his education has given him with the necessary skills to provide outstanding service for an affordable price in the safest manner.

Andy Vinca OWner, Roofer

Robert Hess

Project Manager

Robert Hess has over 15 years of roofing and construction experience. He specializes in flat and shingled roofing and carpentry. During Robert’s years of experience, he has been the Foreman of three different roofing and construction companies. Before Angelo’s Roofing was started in 2003, Robert worked alongside Andy for another company. Andy is completely confident that Robert is the best choice for Project Manager for his company based on his immense knowledge and skill in the trade.

Marc Moles

Roofer, Commercial Foreman

Marc started at Angelo’s Roofing and Construction Inc. in 2009. He became the commercial foreman in 2012. Marc’s first roofing project with the company was at the Hampton Inn in Meadville, PA. His first foreman project was for the Salvation Army in Erie, PA. Marc’s area of expertise is in rubber roofing. He does not cut any corners or short cuts and values doing things the right way. He also takes the time to teach other employees the fundamentals of rubber roofing. Once the project is complete, Andy has complete trust that Marc has done his very best and the finished project could be viewed by any as superior workmanship.

Marc Moles - Roofer, Commercial Foreman